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How to Join

AIA Vitality is a unique health and insurance programme that actively motivates and rewards you for getting fit. From savings and perks that aid you in living better, to insurance benefits that will reward you for the choices that you make. We’ll be there with you every step of the way to achieve real change so that you can live better.

Take charge of your health and make that change today!

To become an AIA Vitality member, you may:

  1. Talk to your AIA Life Planner
  2. Connect me with an AIA Life Planner
  3. Sign Up as an AIA Vitality member today

Join us to be part of the world’s leading health and wellness programme today.

Five Reasons why you should be part of AIA Vitality

  1. Enjoy great insurance benefits

    You can enjoy up to 45% in additional insurance protection, depending on your insurance plan. The benefit level may increase as you improve your health and AIA Vitality Status. So, take charge of your health to enjoy greater insurance benefits!

  2. You gain a partner to better health

    AIA Vitality is with you at every stage of your journey to a healthier life. We will guide you to better health with access to our partners and useful online and smartphone tools that make working out, eating healthier and tracking your progress easier and enjoyable.

  3. Getting healthier is easier and more accessible

    As you make healthier choices, you will enjoy fantastic savings and benefits from our health and wellness partners so that getting healthier is easier and more rewarding.

  4. AIA Vitality rewards a healthy lifestyle

    As you devote yourself to more healthy activities, we reward you along the way. When you earn more AIA Vitality Points and achieve a higher AIA Vitality Status, you’ll enjoy bigger travel, insurance and lifestyle rewards.

  5. You become part of Vitality, the world’s largest science-backed wellness programme that rewards you for improving your quality of life

    With over 3.4 million members globally, it’s been clinically proven that Vitality members have lower healthcare costs than non-Vitality members.