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Powered by Cerafusion™ Technology, the Medklinn Air+Surface Air Sterilizers sterilize the air and surfaces in your home, using Active Oxygen. Active Oxygen is nature’s most powerful sterilizing force. Without the use of chemicals or filters, it eliminates up to 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens, bad odours and other harmful substances from your living space.

AIA Vitality members can enjoy 25% off the recommended retail price of selected MedKlinn products.

What You Need to Know

Online Store

You can enjoy 25% discount off the recommended retail price on selected MedKlinn products purchased through This discount does not apply to MedKlinn purchases made at retail stores or through other websites.

Enjoy 25% off these air sterilizing devices

Here’s the list of MedKlinn products of which you can enjoy 25% discount and should be viewed on screen.

Product Name

Medklinn Autoplus Air+Surface Sterilizer | AUTO SERIES

Medklinn Asens+20 Air+Surface Sterilizer| HOME SERIES

Medklinn Asens+40 Air+Surface Sterilizer| HOME SERIES

Medklinn Asens+60 Air+Surface Sterilizer| HOME SERIES

Medklinn Versa 25 Air+Surface Sterilizer | HOMETRAVEL SERIES

Medklinn Versa 45 Air+Surface Sterilizer | HOMETRAVEL SERIES

Note: The above list may change from time to time without prior notice

Please note:

  • To get the AIA Vitality discount, you will have to access the MedKlinn online store through the AIA Vitality Member Portal. You will need to enter a promotion code at the Cart, and your AIA Vitality membership number at checkout to qualify for the discount.
  • No AIA Vitality points will be awarded for purchasing MedKlinn products.
  • You will need to register for a MedKlinn account in order to purchase MedKlinn products online.

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