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Whether you want to get active, eat a healthy diet or make other healthy changes to your life, our community and wellness tools help you, get you inspired and motivate you throughout your wellness journey.

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Wellness Tools

The AIA Vitality wellness toolbox helps you take control of and maintain your everyday health and wellbeing. They’ll help you hit your health targets faster. Plus they’ll help you track your progress along the way.


You’re not alone on your journey to wellness because members of the AIA Vitality community are on a similar journey too. Start connecting with friends and challenge each other to a healthy lifestyle while having fun along the way.

Reward Yourself

Enjoy member rewards when you sign up as an AIA Vitality member. You'll earn AIA Vitality Points for doing healthy activities and of course, those points will earn you even more rewards, from discounted entertainment tickets to cheaper flights and much more.