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Frequently Asked Questions

AIA Vitality Programme

How do I join AIA Vitality?

You can become an AIA Vitality member free of charge if you buy AIA integrated insurance plans. For more information, speak to your AIA Insurance Agent about joining AIA Vitality. If you don’t have an agent you can contact us on 1581 or you can send us a request to find you an agent here.

How do I earn AIA Vitality Points?

You earn AIA Vitality Points by engaging in a number of activities focused on helping you know more about your health and improving it. Your points add up to help you achieve your AIA Vitality Status – an indication of how much effort you are making to improve your health. The more points you earn, the higher your status and the greater the rewards you can enjoy. 

Earn points by getting to know more about your health using our online health assessments or go for health/dental screenings or vaccinations. Then when you know more about where you need to improve or what you need to maintain, you earn points for healthy activities such as gym, physical exercise, buying Healthy Food items and stopping smoking. 

Please note the AIA Vitality Points you can earn are subject to annual limits. For the summary of activities and points for each activity you can earn in a membership year, click here.

What is my AIA Vitality Status?

As you take steps to improve your health, we will award you AIA Vitality Points. Your points add up and help you achieve what we call your AIA Vitality Status. As an AIA Vitality member you start on Bronze AIA Vitality Status. As you accumulate points by engaging in healthy activities (health check, exercise etc.), your status improves from Bronze, to Silver, then Gold and ultimately Platinum! The higher your status, the greater your rewards. You may refer to Points and Status to see the points needed for each status.

What rewards can I enjoy when I sign up for AIA Vitality?

As an AIA Vitality member, you can enjoy the following benefits and rewards:

  • Enjoy 15% discount on HealthyFoodTM at Central Food Hall, Tops Market, Tops Supermarket, and Tops Daily by completing the AIA Vitality Health Review
  • Save up to 25% on fitness monitoring devices: Fitbit and Garmin
  • Save up to 50% off a Fitness First membership and up to 35% off an Absolute Yoga membership
  • Exclusive Health Check rate at participating Bangkok Hospitals and other participating hospitals under BDMS group.
  • Enjoy up to 4 movie tickets at THB 100 each a week at Major Cineplex
  • Save up to 50% when booking Economy Class flights with AirAsia
  • Save up to 50% for all hotel bookings at Marriott branded hotels and resorts across Asia Pacific (excluding Japan)


Terms and conditions apply. Refer to the Our partners page for more information.

How do I check if my AIA Vitality Points are updated?

We aim to have your points reflected on your AIA Vitality Points Statement within two weeks of completing an activity. They can be checked on your AIA Vitality Points Statement, AIA Vitality iPhone app or AIA Vitality Android app.

If your AIA Vitality Points are not reflected on your statement, please contact us here or call us on 1581.

Please note for certain activities you may need to scan and email your results to us to obtain points. Please refer to the Our partners for further details

How long do I keep my AIA Vitality Status once I reach it?

Your AIA Vitality Points add up to improve your AIA Vitality Status. You carry over this status to your next policy year and your benefits and discounts continue to be based on this status. Your points however drop to zero and you have to undertake activities to start earning points again and achieve your status for the following year. 

For example: Rak Sukkaparb achieves Gold status in his first year and can instantly enjoy the rewards and benefits as a Gold member. Rak’s Gold status will be carried over to the second year and he may continue to enjoy the rewards and benefits of a Gold member. To maintain his Gold membership through to the third year, Rak will need to continue with his wellness activities and accumulate sufficient AIA Vitality Points. If Rak fails to accumulate enough points, his AIA Vitality Status in the third year will be set according to the points she earned in the second year.

What happens if my AIA Vitality Points are not reflected accurately?

If you believe your AIA Vitality Points are not accurately reflected, please contact us here or call us on 1581. We may need you to provide us with further details or supporting documentation such as receipts.

Can I transfer AIA Vitality points or benefits to my spouse?

AIA Vitality Points and benefits are not transferable to another person/member.

What happens to my AIA Vitality membership when AIA integrated insurance plans have matured/terminated/not in-force?

If all AIA integrated insurance plan(s) that is affiliated with your AIA Vitality membership is terminated/matured/not in-force for any reason, your AIA Vitality membership will be terminated.

How do I renew my AIA Vitality membership?

Your AIA Vitality membership runs for an initial period of 12 months from the date you join AIA Vitality and is automatically renewed as long as you have an in-force AIA integrated insurance plan unless you provide us with 30 days prior written notice, sent by email to th.customer@aia.com.

Please remember cancelling your AIA Vitality membership will mean losing access to all AIA Vitality rewards and benefits, including the AIA integrated insurance premium discounts/healthy bonus.

When do I receive my AIA Vitality membership card?

You will receive your membership card with your welcome pack, which is posted once you register for AIA Vitality and your affiliated AIA Thailand insurance policy is approved or in-force. Alternatively you can view your membership card in Vitality Mobile App. You can download the AIA Vitality Mobile App via App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

Where do I use the AIA Vitality membership card?

You need to use your AIA Vitality membership card (physical card or virtual card in AIA Vitality Mobile App) at our partners’ outlets. Your membership card shows your member number and bar code which are required for accessing discounts and savings.

Where can I find my AIA Vitality membership number?

Your AIA Vitality membership number is printed on the front of your AIA Vitality membership card.

What happens if I lose/damage my AIA Vitality membership card?

Should your AIA Vitality membership card become lost or damaged, you must immediately notify us via email at th.customer@aia.com, by calling 1581 or please contact us here. You may request AIA Vitality Thailand to issue a replacement AIA Vitality membership card and AIA Vitality Thailand shall at its sole and absolute discretion accept or refuse such request (with or without providing any reason). The issue of any replacement AIA Vitality membership card may be subject to a Card Replacement fee unless waived by AIA Vitality Thailand at our discretion.

Healthy Food

Which items are Healthy Food items?

All fresh fruits and vegetables purchased at Central Food Hall, Tops Market, Tops Supermarket, and Tops Daily. This does not include dried fruit and nuts. For more information visit the Health Food Purchase page.

Physical Activities / Fitness Events

Can I earn AIA Vitality Points when I walk/jog?

You can earn up to 100 AIA Vitality Points a day when you walk/ jog using any of our partner’s fitness tracking devices and apps which sync to AIA Vitality (e.g. Fitbit, Garmin or Jawbone). Please click here for the list of tested models which can sync with AIA Vitality. Find out who our fitness device partners are and the details on how to earn points using them. Points are awarded when you upload your exercise details to AIA Vitality.

I exercise more than once a day. How will AIA Vitality Points be awarded?

Only one exercise activity a day will be awarded AIA Vitality Points. If you have done more than one activity, we will capture the activity that earns the highest points.

Please note there is a limit of 15,000 points for each membership year for all physical activities, which include: gym, organised fitness events, and physical activities tracked with fitness devices.

Your points will be reflected online on your AIA Vitality Points Statement. We aim to do this within 48 hours after your data (or visit report from Gym) is uploaded.

I participated in a marathon event recently. How do I receive AIA Vitality Points for this?

See the list of fitness events for which we award AIA Vitality Points. You will need to submit the event details such as your bib number, results and other information that may be relevant. We will award you points based on the type and distance of the event.

If you are unable to find a specific fitness event, please contact us here  or call us on 1581. We may include the event subject to our assessment.

AIA Vitality Health Check

What is the AIA Vitality Health Check?

The health check is made up of the following measurements:

  • BMI (weight and height ratio)
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose
  • Total cholesterol
Where can I get the AIA Vitality Health Check?

You may get your AIA Vitality Health Check at participating Bangkok hospitals or clinics.

How do I earn points for the AIA Vitality Health Check (VHC)?

You will be awarded AIA Vitality Points for completing the check and bonus points if your readings are within the recommended healthy range. Results will be automatically uploaded and your points will be reflected online on your AIA Vitality Points Statement. We aim to do this within 24 hours. Log on to our website www.aiavitality.co.th after your test to obtain your personal goals to see how AIA Vitality can help you improve or maintain your results.

You will earn up to 750 points for each component of the health check and 750 bonus points if the results are in the recommended healthy range.

There is no Bangkok Hospital where I live. Where can I go for the AIA Vitality Health Check?

If you cannot access a Bangkok Hospital clinic you can go to your doctor and request a health check consisting of weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and total cholesterol assessments. To claim AIA Vitality Points, you need to submit proof of your results.

AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment

I completed an online AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment after going for two AIA Vitality Nutrition Consultations with a Nutritionist and receiving feedback for the first online assessment that I performed, however I did not receive any points. I thought I was entitled to earn 500 AIA Vitality Points every time I perform an online AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment.

You can earn a maximum of 2,500 points for completing the Online AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment and AIA Vitality Nutrition Consultation. You earned 500 points for completing the first Online AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessments before going for the AIA Vitality Nutrition Consultation and then 2,000 points for going for two AIA Vitality Nutrition Consultation at 1,000 points each. Therefore you have reached the cap of 2,500 points and there are no more points available for this benefit.

Screening and Prevention

I recently completed a health screen/vaccination. Can I use the results to earn AIA Vitality Points?

Yes! You can earn AIA Vitality Points for specified advanced screenings, vaccinations and dental assessments

I had my teeth cleaned at the dentist. Can I claim this item as a dental assessment?

No, a dental assessment is an evaluation performed by a qualified dentist to check if there have been any changes in your dental and medical health status since your last oral examination and cleaning of the full mouth.

AIA Vitality Health Review, Goals and Clinical Guidelines

How is my AIA Vitality Age calculated?

Your AIA Vitality Age estimates the effect of your lifestyle on your life expectancy. It is calculated using your responses to the AIA Vitality Health Review, your results from the AIA Vitality Health Check, and any other data provided from a verified source, for example the AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment with a nutritionist or an AIA Vitality Fitness Assessment. Your AIA Vitality Age maybe higher or lower than your actual age, depending on whether your lifestyle is having a positive or negative effect on your overall health.

I entered my BMI during the AIA Vitality Health Review (VHR). Why do I not earn AIA Vitality Points for my healthy-range BMI?

AIA Vitality Points for healthy-range results are awarded based on verified data, not from self-reported values. Verified data is data submitted through an AIA Vitality Fitness Assessment, AIA Vitality Health Check, an AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment with a nutritionist, or proof of results from a screen at your doctor which you have uploaded through the AIA Vitality Points submission page.

I am pregnant. Can I still complete my AIA Vitality Health Review (VHR) or AIA Vitality Health Check (VHC)?

If you are pregnant, you can still complete the VHR and VHC to earn AIA Vitality Points. However, certain parts of the program will not apply to you. For example, you will not receive a goal to reduce your weight while you are pregnant. Also, your AIA Vitality Age may not be accurate as the underlying calculations do not take pregnancy into account.

How are my recommended goals determined?

Recommended goals are based on your health risks, which are determined by your responses to the AIA Vitality Health Review (VHR) and your results from your AIA Vitality Health Check (VHC). The VHR will need to be completed before any goals are recommended. You are given the option to accept the goal after you have completed the VHR.

How many AIA Vitality Points can I earn in a year from my personal health goals?

While all AIA Vitality members have the opportunity to earn AIA Vitality Points by achieving their health goals, you may earn more if you are at risk than if you are not at risk. Not all members will earn the same amount of points for goals, as they are based on an individual’s risk profile.

Why are the goals recommended to me fewer or more than those recommended to another member?

AIA Vitality recommends goals based on whether your measures are considered to be at risk for your demographic group. The goals that are recommended to you are based on your most significant risks. We may recommend fewer goals if you are not at risk in more than one area; or more goals if you are at risk in more than one area.

I indicated that I wanted to improve my weight. Why was I not given a goal to achieve this?

Your goal recommendations are based on whether your measures are considered to be at risk for your demographic group. So, if your weight is considered to be a risk to your health, AIA Vitality will recommend a goal for you to lose weight. Consider asking your doctor for guidance on your ideal weight if you have any concerns.

Can I create my own goals?

No, as goals are assigned to you by AIA Vitality based on your health risk profile, which is derived from the answers to your AIA Vitality Health Review questions, and other verifiable sources.

How are my goals tracked?

Goals are tracked using verified results which you submit to us directly, or which our partners submit to us on your behalf and with your consent. Examples include the AIA Vitality Health Check results, and workout data submitted through fitness devices such as Garmin, Fitbit or Jawbone.

I have accepted the goal to lose weight. How will this be verified?

Weight results must be submitted through the AIA Vitality Health Check, AIA Vitality Fitness Assessment, or AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment with a nutritionist. Only weight measurements from a verified source will count toward achieving a goal.

What happens after my goal expires and I have not achieved it? Would I be able to set the same goal again?

Unless there has been a change to your health profile since the goal was initially recommended, you should be able to select the goal again if you did not achieve it by the expiration date.

Why are Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and vitamins etc. not included in the AIA Vitality program?

The AIA Vitality program is based on evidence-based science and aligns to local government authorities or reputable organisations, such as the World Health Organisation. The programme does not endorse or recommend any particular treatment and is geared towards changing behaviour (e.g. eating healthy food and exercising).

Regarding the use of supplements/vitamins, the program promotes a healthy, balanced diet, choosing from a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods and is based on international best practice guidelines. Dietary supplements should not replace a healthy, balanced diet. They cannot compensate for poor lifestyle practices, such as inactivity, smoking, stress and poor dietary practices that, if continued over time, will increase one’s risk for disease. Therefore, they are not included in the program.