Join us. Be part of the Best Health and Wellness Community Program; Thailand; AIA Vitality Thailand

How to Join

AIA Vitality is an all-in-one science-backed wellness programme that motivates and supports you to live a healthier life. The more healthy choices you make every day, the more insurance premium discounts and rewards you will enjoy – it’s all within your control!

Want to enjoy the full range of savings and rewards AIA Vitality has to offer? AIA Vitality is available with eligible AIA Thailand insurance policies. To find out more about joining AIA Vitality, you may:

  1. Talk to your AIA Insurance Agent
  2. Contact us here
  3. Call us on 1581

Join us to be part of the world’s leading health and wellness programme today.


Five Reasons to Join AIA Vitality

  1. Savings on your insurance premium

    You can be in control of how much you pay for your insurance premium. AIA Vitality offers 20% upfront insurance premium discounts on selected new plans for your commitment towards healthy living. In each renewal year, you can enjoy even greater discount, up to 25%, as you engage more with AIA Vitality.

  2. You gain a partner to better health

    AIA Vitality guides you on your way to better health with access to our partners and useful online and smartphone tools that make working out, eating healthier and tracking your progress easier and enjoyable.

  3. Getting healthier is easier and more accessible

    You will enjoy fantastic savings and discounts from our health and wellness partners so that getting healthier is easier and more accessible.

  4. AIA Vitality rewards a healthy lifestyle

    As you do more healthy activities, we reward you along the way. When you earn more AIA Vitality Points and achieve a higher AIA Vitality Status, you’ll enjoy bigger travel, insurance and lifestyle rewards.

  5. You become part of Vitality, the world’s largest science-backed wellness programme

    With over five million members globally, it’s been clinically proven that Vitality members have lower healthcare costs than non-Vitality members.