AIA Vitality members can enjoy 10% discount off vaccinations at hospitals and clinics under Bangkok Hospital throughout Thailand.

What You Need To Know

You can enjoy an exclusive discount of 10% off the following vaccinations at hospitals and clinics under Bangkok Hospital.

Up to 4 of your family members and friends who accompany you can also enjoy the exclusive rates.

Note: To enjoy the exclusive rates, your family members and friends must receive the service with you on the same day as you.


AIA Vitality Discount

Flu: Influ VAC VACCINE (Northern Strain) Prefilled Vaxigrip Inj. (Northern Strain)


Hepatitis B: Engerix-B Injection

HPV: Cervarix and Gardasil

Earn up to 1,000 AIA Vitality Points

For each eligible vaccination or for the completion of the course.

*This information is to be provided to the AIA Vitality members
**Prices exclude: Out-Patient Other Medical Charge and Consultation Fee

There are no limits on the number of vaccinations that you can have but AIA Vitality Points will only be awarded once a year for flu vaccination and once a lifetime for Hepatitis B and HPV vaccinations.

You can have any of the vaccinations done at another healthcare provider and claim your AIA Vitality Points by submitting proof of your results.

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