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Absolute Yoga

Absolute Yoga Group offers hot yoga, Pilates, core blast and other yoga classes that aim to provide an all rounded solution to perfect health, both body and mind, to complement the yoga practice.

What You Need To Know

AIA Vitality members enjoy up to 30% discount off the recommended retail price on memberships at all Absolute Yoga branches in Thailand.

Earn 100 AIA Vitality Points each time you work out at Absolute Yoga

Choose your preferred membership at Absolute Yoga.

Contract Terms

Absolute Yoga Recommended Retail Price (THB)

AIA Vitality Discounted Price (THB)

AIA Vitality Discount

3 Month




6 Month




12 Months +


  • Month 1

  • Month 2-12

  • Month 13-24

  • Month 25+



















  • You can sign up for 1 membership only

    Each AIA Vitality member can sign up for a maximum of 1 Absolute Yoga membership with the AIA Vitality discount. It must be under the member’s name and cannot be used by another person.
  • The discount applies to new memberships only

    The AIA Vitality discount only applies to new Absolute Yoga memberships. Existing memberships will need to be completed according to the member’s current contract term. You can then renew your Absolute Yoga membership at the AIA Vitality discounted rate. If you are an existing Absolute Yoga member you can still earn workout points by linking your existing Absolute Yoga membership to your AIA Vitality account by following the steps for "Existing Members" below.
  • This benefit does not offer a discount on personal training fees.
  • The one-time processing fee of THB 5,000 is waived for AIA Vitality member. The standard Absolute Yoga fee applies.
  • You can earn 100 AIA Vitality Points each time you work out at Absolute Yoga

    AIA Vitality awards 100 points daily for exercising at Absolute Yoga, regardless of the number of times you visit within a day. If more than 1 physical activity has been completed on the same day, the highest number of fitness points for the day will be awarded.

    Example : Mr. Rak Sukkaparb exercises at Absolute Yoga. This event qualifies for 100 points.
    On the same day Mr. Rak Sukkaparb also completed a marathon and submitted the information for this organised fitness event to AIA Vitality. This event qualifies for 1,500 points. Mr. Rak Sukkaparb will earn 1,500 points for the day for the marathon i.e. the higher of the 2 above events.

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