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AIA Vitality Insurance

As you take charge of your health by engaging in healthy activities, and improve your AIA Vitality Status, you could enjoy an AIA Vitality Insurance Premium Discount of up to 25% on your insurance premiums.

Plus, you could earn a Healthy Bonus of up to 18% off your standard annual premiums for the AIA Life Protector 70 and AIA Life Protector 80 Plan every 3 policy years.

What You Need to Know

You will enjoy an upfront discount plus extra upfront discount bonus up to 15% on your first-year insurance premium when you buy any of these AIA Integrated Insurance Plans and become an AIA Vitality member.

Your discount could increase up to 25% as you achieve Gold or Platinum status in future years.

AIA Vitality Protection (Individual Life)

Basic Plans

Critical Illness Riders

Medical Riders

Products Integrated with AIA Vitality

- AIA Life Protector 70

- AIA Life Protector 80

- AIA Health Cancer

- AIA CI Plus

- AIA CI Plus Gold


- AIA H&S Plus Gold

- AIA H&S Extra

- AIA HB Extra

Minimum Sum Assured

500,000 Baht

300,000 Baht

Any plan

Upfront Discount




Extra Upfront Discount Bonus (New Policy Only)

+5% for policy with a minimum of 3 AIA Vitality integrated products.

Renewal Premium Discount Up To





- Integrated rider products can be attached with any basic plan except Unit Link, Annuity Fix, Annuity Smart, and basic plan with coverage period less than 10 years.

- Upfront discount is based on standard premium rate of AIA Vitality integrated products that meet the minimum sum assured requirements.

If you’re an active AIA Vitality member, your insurance premium discount could increase, based on your AIA Vitality Status at the time of renewal. The higher your AIA Vitality Status, the greater the percentage of discount you will enjoy. Here’s how the AIA Vitality Insurance Premium Discount works.

Premium Discount

Discount in 1st year including upfront discount and extra upfront discount bonus: up to 15%

Discount in 2nd year onwards is based on your AIA Vitality Status:

AIA Vitality Status

Status-based adjustments at each policy renewal year


Discount percentage increases by 2%


Discount percentage increases by 1%


Discount percentage decreases by 1%


Discount percentage decreases by 2%

The maximum insurance premium discount is 25% and the minimum premium discount is 0%. Even at a 0% discount, you’ll never pay more than a non-AIA Vitality member would pay.

Healthy Bonus

AIA Life Protector 70 and AIA Life Protector 80

AIA Vitality Status

Status-based Healthy Bonus


18% Healthy Bonus


13% Healthy Bonus


8% Healthy Bonus


3% Healthy Bonus

Besides premium discount, you could earn a Healthy Bonus of up to 18% off your standard annual premiums for the AIA Life Protector 70 and AIA Life Protector 80 Plan calculated and payout every 3 policy years.

The information here is for reference. Terms and conditions including AIA Vitality Program Benefits will be specified in the policy issued to the policyholder. Please consult your agent to understand the product coverages and AIA Vitality benefits.

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